Golf Swing Tips – 4 Household Items To Practice With

Golf Swing Tips CAC Golf Coach

Are you searching for ways to improve your golf game while at home?

Learn how to improve your golf swing with items you already have in your house.

Us golfers are always on the lookout for tips to make their golf game better.  Am I right?  Let's face it golf isn't an easy sport to master!

Those of us who love the game understand the importance of a great golf swing. And the key to getting that is practice.  In this blog, I'll share 4 everyday household items you can use to help you practice at home.

Golf Tip #1

A Broom

Hold a broom across your shoulders with the end of the handle against your trail shoulder (right shoulder for a right-handed golfer). Cross your arms over your chest to hold the broom in the place and the head of the broom will be pointing out beyond your lead shoulder (left shoulder for a right-handed golfer). Make a backswing rotation, trying to keep your legs and hips passive and the broom should be pointing toward the ground at angle of 30 degrees at the end of the rotation movement.

Golf Tip #2

A Face Washer

Set up to an iron in the backyard (without a golf ball) and measure two clubhead widths behind this spot. Lay a face washer flat on the ground behind the clubhead. Make a full backswing and through swing. The goal of the practice is to swing back and through without making any contact on the face washer. Practices good impact position for consistent iron spray.

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Tip #3

Athlete’s Foot Spray

Maximising distance with the driver means that the ball needs to be struck on the sweet spot of the clubface. The sweet spot is in the direct centre of the clubface. Spray some foot spray across the entire surface of the clubface and hit some tee shots. The impact of the golf ball will leave an impression on the clubface to give you feedback as to where you are striking the ball at impact.

Tip #4

Credit Card & Dollar Coin

The saying goes that you “putt for dough” so why not use your money to improve your putting? Lay a credit card on the floor and place the leading edge of the putter along the longest edge of the putter face. Place a dollar coin on the ground and then sit the golf ball on top of the coin, tail side up. Attempt a putt, look down at the coin and count the number of kangaroos before looking up. Using the coin trains your head to stay still after impact because lifting it too early can make your shoulders move. This can send the putter off-path, leading to more missed putts on the greens.

So, there you are; 4 everyday things you can use to sharpen your golf skills at home. Give them a try and see if they work for you. With a little creativity (and some COVID-19 restrictions putting a dampener on many golf courses) it's amazing what we'll do for the love of golf! Let me know how these work out for you or tell me your own golf hacks in the comments!

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