How To Improve Your Putting

How To Improve Your Put

When considering the types of shots we play in golf, putting may seem relatively simple. It's the least complex swing you make; there are no dugouts, no beyond the field of play, you're on a completely smooth surface and the objective is right there in front of you!

All things considered, it should be quite straight-forward… so, why isn’t it? If you’re struggling with your putting and want to know how to roll more putts in - then read on.

Develop Your Feel for Distance

Distance control is a big consideration in successful putting. Assuming you judge the speed right, you'll quite often have a straight forward second putt. Be that as it may, if you judge it WRONG, you could leave yourself longer putts which hurt your scores. 

On lengthy putts, I like the stroke to be somewhat longer and slower. At the point when most golf players invest to hit with more effort, they get fast and quick, which normally causes a mishit. The putting stroke we need to feel as though the movement is a smooth tempo - back and through.

As with everything in golf (and life) practice is key. Use any space and props you can (and yes, attempting to hit your ball into a cup whilst in your office is as good a place as any) and you'll rapidly see an improvement in your distance control.

Set Up & Alignment

Set up and alignment are the most important parts of putting. Let your arms relax, square your shoulders and narrow your line of sight. It can be helpful to have a putter with lines that help you to correctly visualise your alignment.

The key to successful putting is to keep your body completely still throughout. If your balance is off-centre, even just a tiny bit, this will cause the path of the putter to be inconsistent. Keep your eyes focused on the area of impact to reduce any inclination of your body to move.

Don't even look up immediately after your stroke. Instead, wait until after a count of one before you take your gaze up.


Before you can putt well, you need to know exactly where you are aiming for! Start each session by practicing reading the green without actually moving. Visualise where you want the ball to go and the steps you'll take to make it happen.

In a process similar to learning how to read distances correctly, survey the land and the terrain and get an understanding of the entire surrounding area.

Align your body in the right position and prepare. In your mind. Close your eyes and go through the process in your imagination. You'll be surprised how much impact this has on your actual shot.

Increase your Confidence

This will not happen overnight, as we know - golf is a long game! But with practice and patience, your putting skills and confidence will increase dramatically.

The world's best putters know how to  judge distance correctly, have flawless alignment and rhythm and the confidence to pull off some remarkable shots. And the best way to build confidence is to make more putts.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some golf balls, any prop you need and get practicing!

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