Golf Attire – What To Wear When Playing Golf

Golf Attire - What To Wear When Playing Golf

Whether you are a beginner at golf or an old hand, the golf attire you choose to wear says a lot about your attitude to the game. It also gives other players some idea of the kind of person you are and the standard at which you play.

A common problem for golfers is that they often don't know what to wear on the course. They want to look good, but not too flamboyant, and many worry about what their fellow golfers will think of them. If this sounds like you, then read on - here’s some advice on what to wear (and not to wear) when playing golf.

Golf Attire - What Not to Wear

Firstly let's deal with what NOT to wear on the golf course. Although there are no hard and fast rules, most courses insist that you keep your shirt tucked in at all times and remove your hat before entering the clubhouse. 

Avoid wearing casual clothes like cutoffs, tank tops, or shoes that have a heavily moulded sole  ( or football boots). These items of clothing are all considered inappropriate for a round of golf - even if it is just a social round with friends.

Whether you are playing 18 holes in the heat of summer, or just a quick nine holes after work, you'll want to wear golf shoes and clothes that are both comfortable and versatile.

Golf attire etiquette is important when playing golf. 

The appearance of a golfer reflects his/her personality and attitude towards the game. It is not only about how well you play, but also about how you look on the golf course.

A golfer should dress appropriately and know what to wear when playing golf.

Why is Golf Attire so Important?

Golf is considered an activity for all people. A proper golf outfit can make you feel confident on the course and also help you enjoy your game more. The right outfit will keep you comfortable throughout the day and help you concentrate on your game more easily.

 Golf attire is casual, yet neat and pressed.

Golf courses are a place where you can relax and unwind while striking up some important business deals or even just having fun with your friends and family. You may be wondering why it matters so much what you wear when playing this sport. Well, it's not just about looking good; you need to make sure that your clothing is comfortable enough for you to play without distractions.

Golf, in addition to being a game of skill, is also a social event. Golf has had a very long history that dates back to the 15th century where it was played in Scotland. Nowadays, golf is played by many people worldwide and is considered an important part of business etiquette in many countries, so you’ll want to dress accordingly.

Types of Golf Attire for Men

Types of Golf Attire for Men

A good rule of thumb for men's golf attire is to wear a collared shirt tucked into tailored shorts or trousers with socks and golf shoes.

There are many types of golf clothes available and lots of manufacturers design stylish and comfortable clothes for golfers.

The different types of golf attire for men are:

Golf Shirts

These are usually short sleeved with buttons or collarless pullovers for casual games. They can be long-sleeved with collars if it’s a formal occasion. Ideally they are made of polyester or cotton with moisture-wicking properties to keep your body dry even during hot weather conditions.

Golf Trousers

The old standard for men was grey flannels and a white shirt. Today, men can wear khakis, chinos or walking shorts. Whatever style you decide to wear, ensure that they are comfortable. If you’re going with shorts, make sure they are not too casual (no boardies please) and not excessively short or tight. This standard applies to men and women. Pockets are also useful when playing a round of golf.


When considering what to wear on your feet for a game of golf, comfort is key. Wear appropriate shoes and plain white sport socks are accepted at most golf courses these days. 

If you’re a serious golfer (or at least you want to be seen as one) consider buying some golf shoes. These are designed especially for the game and may have special features such as wide rubber soles (for better balance and stability) moulded grips (to avoid slips and falls), stabilizers and extra padding.

Types of Golf Attire for Women

Golf wear for women can be more challenging, finding the right blend of comfortable, functional and stylish. Here are a few basic tips on types of attire you can wear without being OTT.

Golf Tops

At many courses, women are required to wear a blouse with sleeves or a shirt with a collar. These can be sleeveless (which may be more comfortable in hot weather) although some courses with stricter policies won’t allow sleeveless tops. T-shirts, tanks, halter necks and strapless tops should be avoided.

A popular choice for many women golfers is a polo shirt because it’s semi smart, free flowing and comfortable to play in. You can buy polos in every colour and a variety of cuts, with both long or short sleeves.

Golf Bottoms

Options for bottoms include skirts, shorts, skorts and pants, all of which are commonly seen on the green. Capri pants are also acceptable for women's golf attire. 

Being mindful and respectful of your surroundings, it’s not a good idea to wear anything too short or too tight and keeping your cleavage covered will demonstrate a sense of decorum that is appropriate for such an environment. 

Skirts or shorts above the knee are okay these days on most courses, especially public ones. But in some country clubs and traditional private clubs, women are still expected to wear dresses or skirts below the knee. If you’re unsure, you can phone the golf club or golf shop to ask the dress code or have a look at the courses website.


Golf shoes should be worn whenever possible on the course. They are designed to help keep your feet stable during swings by providing extra traction on the ground. Wearing tennis shoes is acceptable if you don't have access to golf shoes.

Golf Accessories

For both men and women, adding a hat or cap to your outfit can assist with keeping the sun out of your eyes. This is useful in protecting your head and also allows you to see better when lining up those important shots. 

If you’re wearing a cap, keep it on the right way to avoid looking overly casual and be respectful in the club house by removing head wear inside. Especially if it’s a formal/traditional golf club.

Golf gloves are another accessory you may want to wear as these can help with your grip. Most commonly, only one is worn - on the left or right hand (depending on whether you are left or right-handed) but it’s perfectly acceptable to wear two.

When choosing your golf attire, remember,  the goal is to be comfortable so wear clothes and accessories that will allow you to move properly so you can focus on playing your best game.

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