Group Golf Clinics – What To Know Before You Go!

Group Golf Clinics - What To Know Before You Go!

Considering going to a golf clinic? As a professional golf coach, obviously I’m going to say this is a good idea! Not only can you learn the techniques to help you play better golf, you’ll also meet some new people. Hello, new golf buddies!

Before you take a shot (pun intended) on this way of learning the best game in the world… here’s a few things you may want to consider before you go. Read on to find out my top tips for getting the most out of your clinic.

#1. Go Pro

The best way to improve your golf is by working with a certified golf coach. Regardless if you are learning individually or in a small group, working with a professional is the best option for making sure you get the right advice. Sure, it’s great when your playing partners want to help but unless they are experienced in teaching golf, it can actually do more harm than good.

Working with a PGA Professional means you’ll get specific advice tailored to your needs. From your stance to your swing & everything in between.

#2. Be Real

If you’ve played before & have some skills, let your instructor know. If you come armed with your own knowledge & a clear understanding of where you’d like to improve, this will allow you to get a more personalised experience. A golf clinic is different from having individual lessons; more people means less one-on-one time for each attendee. To get the most out of your session, maximise the time you have with your instructor by being specific.

If you’re new to golf, be open about that too. If you’ve never even picked up a golf club, you’ll likely be better off in a class designed for beginners. This way you can learn the basics without feeling too self-conscious. If all the other participants are brand new, you’ll all be starting from scratch together.

#3. Don’t Be Nervous

If you’re stressing about your skills (or lack of)) you won’t be able to relax and enjoy the session. Obviously the point of going is mainly to learn but it’s also important to have fun.

Chat to the other clinic attendees and try not to get upset if you make a bad shot. A good attitude goes a long way and laughing off those poor putts will create a better environment for everyone. 

Remember that you are all there for the same reason, to improve. It’s not a round of golf, there is no need to be competitive. Just be yourself and be open to feedback. That’s why you are there after all!

#4. Take Notes

During your clinic, you’ll be given some great advice from your instructor. Some will be generic and some will be personalised. Write down any key points that resonate with you and review these after the session. 

Like learning any new skill, it may take time for you to achieve the results you want. Keeping a record is a great way to ensure you maximise your learnings along the way.

Hopefully your golf clinic experience will bring you one step closer to becoming a better golfer and you’ll leave with a big smile on your face. Feel free to get in touch and find out about my upcoming clinics in Sydney & Canberra.

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