Junior Golf Platinum Package


Buy a pack of golf lessons for your junior player!

Golf Lessons Sydney & Canberra

Craig provides individual golf lessons to those wanting to improve their game. With a one-on-one session he can help you identify your strengths & weaknesses and show you where there is room for improvement.

Benefits of Individual Golf Lessons

  • Individual lessons – tailored to suit your needs
  • Learn to improve your game with one-on-one coaching
  • Improve handicap with simple fixes you might not be aware of


A professional Golf Coach will improve your game quality and shave shots from your scores. Craig can help identify faults in your swing and correct them, helping you to achieve more impressive scores. A good golf coach can also help improve your putting skills, picking up on things that you wouldn’t notice. An asymmetry between your shoulders and the putter head or inconsistencies in your address, for example. If you want to get better at playing a good short game, a Golf Coach can aide you with technique, set up and getting the right bounce. Golf lessons can also help you to get the right equipment, the right exercise and the right mindset – all of which are essential if you want to play better golf.


Craig offers golf lessons in 8 different locations.

Sydney: Sharks Golf Driving RangeFairfield Golf CourseBarton Park Driving Range, Lane Cove Golf ClubCumberland Country Golf Club & Cammeray Golf Club

Canberra: Royal Military Golf Club & Gold Creek Country Club


Craig’s mission is to have more people playing the game of golf and provide tuition that can be conveyed to the player in terms they can easily comprehend.

His coaching services assist golfers of all levels, allowing each player to get a better knowledge and understanding of their own game.

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