Christmas Gift Ideas For Golf Lovers

Gifts for golf lovers

It’s THAT time of year again… yes, Christmas will be along before you know it.

If you’re looking for an awesome gift for your favourite golfer - why not give them something to feed their obsession with the best game in the world!?! In this blog I’ve hand picked 7 of the coolest gifts to create memories, both on and off the course.

Golf Apparel

What to wear on the course? That’s the question every golfer ponders at some point in time. But how to choose clothing for someone else, when his style is as unique as his swing? Well, you don’t! Save yourself the indecision and opt for a gift voucher from Birds of Condor. This epic Byron Bay based lifestyle brand has something for every golf lover. Check them out here.

Personalised Golf Balls

Never lose your ball again! Well, ok - I can’t guarantee that won’t happen but you CAN make it easy for your golfer’s balls to come home. Customise with a name, logo, even a phone number if you REALLY want them back. Tell you something though, with golf balls this attractive, your loved one might take better care of them!

Golf Lessons

Obviously it’s my job to say this… BUT the best gift you can give a golfer is improving their game. Let me help to identify strengths/areas of improvement and get better with professional golf lessons. You can buy gift vouchers for individual lessons (30 or 60 minutes) or choose duo lessons and join them. Technically it’s still GIVING, even though you benefit from it! Very generous of you, I must say.

Putter Mug

Looking for a novelty gift that will draw smiles all round? I couldn’t NOT share this super cute mug from Dad Shop. Your golfer can practise their game anytime, anywhere. It also includes a mini golf club pen to make those all-important putts! Perfect as a stocking filler and with next day delivery offered, this is sure to be a big hit this Christmas.

Club Cleaners

If tidying up your game is the aim for 2023, then GolfBox’s range of club cleaners could be the perfect Christmas present to kickstart the New Year. There’s a brush kit for every conceivable purpose, towels for a quick wipe down and a range of groove sharpeners that’ll guarantee maximum jazz off the face.

Golf Socks

Socks and jocks for Christmas? Oh how original!!! Well it certainly CAN be with these customised golf socks from Etsy. Imagine being excited to put your socks on in the morning… knowing you were off to play golf in them later that day. Personal, practical and perfect for the silly season!

Golf Ball Ice Moulds

Keep your golfer cool this summer with these novelty Tovolo ice moulds from Kitchen Warehouse. They are made of silicon and create the perfect golf ball ice cube, ideal for drinks at the 19th hole! No matter what your golf fanatic is drinking this festive season, you can better it’ll taste better with golf balls!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hopefully you’ve found something suitable on this list. Wishing you a very merry Xmas and all the best for the year ahead.

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