Let’s Get Started: Basic Golf Tips For Women

Let's Get Started: Basic Golf Tips For Women

Learning golf can seem a bit overwhelming for a beginner, there's a lot to discover and it may be difficult knowing where to start. Lady golfers can feel particularly threatened since golf has traditionally been a male-dominated sport. And while it still is, there are an increasing number of women taking up the fabulous game of golf.

If that’s you… a lady who is new to golf and wants to learn the basics - keep reading! Here are 9 tips to help you get started.

1. Understand the Rules

It’s very important to understand the basic principles of golf from the start. Do this and you'll already be further ahead than the non-golfing population of weirdo's!!!

Golf is a game of righteousness and integrity because the player is answerable for perceiving and recording when they venture outside of the rules. For that reason, you need to get comfortable with the rules and regulations before you get everything rolling.

2. Learn the lingo

Many games have their terminologies and golf is no exception.

Understanding what players and coaches are talking about will accelerate the method involved with learning the game. There are standard golf terms, golf shoptalk, and different golf adages that are great to know. This will help you feel more confident (and less like a newbie) on the course! 

3. Pick the Right Clubs

Picking the best novice golf clubs for ladies is critical to getting everything rolling on the right foot. If you’ve any desire to get a nice golf score and further develop your golf handicap when you're playing with someone else, choose clubs that are simpler to learn with. The best golf clubs for ladies are lighter and more straight forward to hit.

4. Dress the part

Clothing/Dress regulations for golfers can change contingent upon the course you are playing on. Typically, the dress code standards are higher at courses with higher fees. Indeed, even without a clothing regulation, there is an implicit decorum and custom to the game that ought to be regarded. Wearing comfortable and appropriate golf clothes will ensure you feel good and help you play a better game. Here in Australia, we have great golfing weather most of the year round. Lightweight, breathable textures are best as these will allow you to move freely and not feel as restricted.

5. Play with a friend

If you'd rather play solo, this is always an option. However learning golf with a companion has benefits. You can create a bit of friendly rivalry by making it a competition of skills!

Hitting the fairway with somebody will push you to give your all and make the interaction more memorable. If you have golfing friends, chances are you'll meet somebody on the course. Just be open minded and easy going. Golf is a great way to meet new companions!

6. Know Your Club Distances

If you have any desire to abstain from losing your ball or hitting it beyond the field of play, you'll have to comprehend what the normal ladies' golf club distances are. These are simply gauged yet will assist you with keeping your ball out of the water and increment your possibilities of getting a low score.

7. Choose Where to Practice

The great thing about golf is that you can practice anywhere! Perfect your golf swing and short game at home, in your front room or in your garden. Just be careful if you want to avoid breaking things! 

Many golfers like to practice at a driving range. In the beginning, when you're new to golf, playing on a standard course may feel a bit overwhelming so it's good to have options. You can choose to play on the course, on the range or on the green - depending on what you want to practice.

8. Take Lessons

If you want to get better quickly, or even just get more out of each session, consider hiring a Golf Coach. Learning with a professional means you're less likely to get into bad habits from the beginning and you'll be able to work out faster your strengths and weaknesses. 

If you're struggling to understand the basics or need a hand with any aspects of your game, please get in touch and see how I can help. I work with women of all ages across multiple locations in Sydney & Canberra.

9. Work on Being Consistent

The way to get a low score in golf is by being able to foresee where your ball will land - after you hit it. The more reliable your swing, the more straightforward this becomes.

Take the opportunity to practice as much as you can; even the most experienced golf players keep learning and that makes them great at the game.

Even if you can't commit to  getting to the golf course every week, you can still play at home. Consistency is key in growing. Bit by bit, gradually you'll start to see improvements.

The best thing about golf is that you aren't really aiming to beat anyone else. I mean, it's great when you do - but honestly, the greatest satisfaction occurs when you beat YOURSELF!

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