Golfing With Friends & Family – How To Get Them On The course

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When you love golf, it’s understandable that you want to share it with your loved ones. Everyone who plays the greatest game in the world has golf stories and experiences they want to talk about; why wouldn’t you want to include your close friends and family in this? If you’ve been wondering how to lead your nearest and dearest into the game of golf, read on. Here are 5 tips to encourage your loved ones to get on the green with you.


Us golfers are an intense breed. We love to play and consume the game but not everyone is as passionate - yet. When attempting to get a new player started, try not to overwhelm them in the beginning. Gushing about how fabulous it is at every available opportunity and trying to force them to take it up might scare them off.

Realise that you can lead a person to the course but you can’t make them play! Let them get there in their own sweet time and before you know it, you’ll be practising your putting together.


When introducing someone to golf for the first time, start with baby steps. Golf is a game of many details, don’t be tempted to show them everything all at once. Start with one session and focus on the fun; people learn best when they are enjoying the experience.

If they’ve never even picked up a club before, now is not the time to overload them with information about the best golf grip or which iron to use. Don’t worry, you’ll get to this eventually but for now, make it about the experience rather than the details.


The first couple of sessions you play would ideally be more like a social event than a competitive game. You could take them to the practice range and then close the session with a trip to the pub, or go for lunch. This will allow your friend or family member an opportunity to talk about their experience with you, contributing to a positive memory.

If they have a great experience the first time they play, they'll be more likely to come back for more. Give it time and hopefully they’ll soon be just as hooked as you are.


If possible, try to get multiple people starting at the same time. New golfers need someone to share their growth with and having other players who are at a similar level will enhance the experience. Beginner golfers are often afraid of embarrassment, it can be challenging getting out of your comfort zone and learning a new skill so try to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

By playing in a group, they won’t feel alone and will be more likely to ask questions, thus helping the learning curve.


After a few introductions to the game, think about getting them a lesson with a professional. This is not a pitch (although you are welcome to buy lessons here), it’s a great way to show them you are invested in your relationship. If your friend can see you care about this for THEIR enjoyment, they’ll be more likely to want to play with you.

Unless you are a qualified golf coach, giving unsolicited advice may come off as a bit preachy… and no one likes a know-it-all! Allow an expert to get them up to speed on the basics then invite them to show off their new found skills by playing a round with you. Alternatively, you could suggest attending a clinic together.

Playing golf should be a fun and rewarding experience in its own right. Remember that golf was a social game before it was a competitive one and don’t force the outcome. Get them out there and having fun on the green, this is where the magic happens.

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