Match Play Explained

Match Play Golf

If you can’t get enough of golf (hey, you’re only human!) then perhaps you’ve been looking for other variations of the best game in the world. You’ve come to the right place! Keep things fresh and fun by mixing up your game with a different scoring format, read all about Match Play and how to do it in this blog.

What is Match Play?

Match play golf involves two players competing head to head against each other as opposed to against the rest of the field. It’s a hole-by-hole game where the lowest score wins the hole; the person who is able to putt the golf ball with the least number of strokes wins.

It’s a simple format with easy to follow rules, I’ve broken them down here…

How is it different from stroke play?

Match Play scoring is based on the number of holes that are won during the round whereas stroke play is based on the number of strokes accumulated. So essentially you play a series of 18 different games within a round.

How do you keep score?

In terms of scoring, a player (or team) gets one point for the hole and whoever wins the most holes wins the game. If you tie on a hole, the point is halved.

Note: A player can win a match without playing all 18 holes. If you’re winning by more holes than remain to be played, you take the game.

What is Fourball?

In Match Play golf, Fourball is when teams of two compete against each other. Each player plays their own ball and the score of the player with the lowest total for each team is used. Another variation of Fourball involves players hitting alternating shots.

So if you want to mix up your golf game, why not suggest match play for your next round? Even for amateurs, match play is one of the most fun ways to play golf!

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